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ClayCraft (UK)

Published Monthly | 12 issues per year

ClayCraft (UK) Magazine Cover
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12 issues
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Print Subscription
12 issues$129.00

About ClayCraft (UK) Magazine:
ClayCraft is a new magazine for this growing hobby with each issue including fun, inspirational and challenging pottery projects for you to try at home. Our editor, Rachel Graham, writes… 'Whether you are a student, a hobby potter, or have an established studio, we want you to enjoy reading about this wonderful stuff called clay! What is it about it that’s so appealing? Everyone I meet tells me that they find handling clay relaxing and, in lots of cases, therapeutic. Maybe it speaks to an ancient part of our psyche; man has been digging up mud, making it into vessels and putting it into a fire for thousands of years. And now we have refined this to the point where it’s both part of our everyday lives, and an inspiring artistic medium. Whatever your level of involvement, whatever you take from it, it’s going to be a positive experience, and ClayCraft will add to that, with practical hands-on guides, in-depth features on established, and emerging, potters, and plenty of good advice from our experts. Happy potting!'. Identified as the next big thing in the craft market, and boosted by the popularity of the BBC’s The Great Pottery Throwdown, the craze for pottery is now booming. ClayCraft is a magazine aimed at ceramics enthusiasts from all levels, including those new to the subject, those at the early stages of learning, ceramics students, or intermediate makers looking to improve their skills and take them to a higher, even professional level as well as people who just love pottery. ClayCraft offers numerous practical step-by-step projects with each issue at various skill levels from first involvement to inspirational projects for the most advanced reader. In addition there will be a host of smaller project ideas each issue too. ClayCraft will provide essential information on, for example, starting out, clay choice, glazing, firing and kilns, design, tools, product reviews and available courses. Features will also include individual pottery makers, and not just the celebrities in this world, but jobbing potters too. - Renewal subscriptions available.

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