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Games & Puzzles
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Approved Variety Puzzles
Approved Variety Puzzles Magazine
Your Price $24.97
On Sale! $16.65
Dozens of variety puzzles such as Crostics, Frameworks, logic problems, Quotefalls, Word Seek and more.
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Comics & Gaming (CGMagazine)
Comics & Gaming (CGMagazine) Magazine
Your Price $54.99
Originating as a Canadian print publication in 2010, Comics & Gaming Magazine seeks to explore the culture and news of comics, gaming, and film as they relate to a mature audience. With comics and gaming now at the forefront of media popularity, CGMa...
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Dell Logic Problems
Dell Logic Problems Magazine
Your Price $23.97
On Sale! $19.97
Match wits with the world’s best constructors! Rated from easy to super-challenging — these puzzles will keep your mind stimulated for days! Full size, 80 pages.
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Dell Math & Logic Problems
Dell Math & Logic Problems Magazine
Your Price $23.97
On Sale! $18.97
Try your hand at dozens of math puzzles and logic problems Guaranteed to keep your brain active for hours. Enjoy Figure Logics, Cross Sums, Sudoku, Word Arithmetic, and a whole lot more! Complete with solving charts and detailed solutions. Full size...
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Dell Official Variety Puzzles
Dell Official Variety Puzzles  Magazine
Your Price $21.97
Dell Official Variety Puzzles & Word Games Magazine features a variety of fun-to-solve and educational puzzles including picture maze, form-a-word, number places, hi-score, cryptoquizzes, anacrostics, tanglewords and much much more!
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Dell Official Word Search
Dell Official Word Search Magazine
Your Price $18.97
On Sale! $11.85
Dell Official Word Search Puzzles offers a wide variety of different puzzles for all skill levels. Entertainment for the entire family is packed into every jumbo sized issue.
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Dell Original Sudoku
Dell Original Sudoku Magazine
Your Price $26.97
On Sale! $17.99
The puzzle sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Spend minutes learning the rules and enjoy hours of solving fun. You’ll find over 180 puzzles at four difficulty levels.
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Dell Word Search Puzzles
Dell Word Search Puzzles Magazine
Your Price $11.97
Puzzler's Word Search offers a variety of word find puzzles at all skill levels. Each issue of Dell Word Search Puzzles provides straightforward Word Searches, plus variety puzzles such as Tail Tags, Tanglewords, Full Houses, Hidden Numbers, and Bin...
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Dell's Easy Fast 'N' Fun Crosswords
Dell's Easy Fast 'N' Fun Crosswords Magazine
Your Price $28.97
On Sale! $19.97
Each issue of Dell Easy Fast ‘n’ Fun Crosswords features crosswords perfect for both beginner solvers and those looking for a break from harder puzzles. The high-quality puzzles are sure to delight your whole family. Digest size, 7 issues - 128 pages...
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Easy & Fun Variety Puzzles
Easy & Fun Variety Puzzles Magazine
Your Price $23.97
On Sale! $16.65
The fun and relaxing puzzles will provide hours of pleasure for your whole family.
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Easy Sudoku
Easy Sudoku Magazine
Your Price $14.97
Get in on the worldwide Sudoku craze with Penny Press's Easy Sudoku! See what the buzz is all about with this collection of 184 fun, easy-to-solve puzzles.
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Favorite Easy Crosswords
Favorite Easy Crosswords Magazine
Your Price $15.75
Hundreds of fun, lively crosswords, including a handful of variety crosswords.
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Game Informer
Game Informer  Magazine
Your Price $24.98
From world exclusive first looks to authoritative reviews, Game Informer is the cultural catalyst that drives dialogue about video gaming on a global scale. With its dynamic mix of hard-hitting news, unique perspectives on pending game releases, and ...
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Games World of Puzzles
Games World of Puzzles Magazine
Your Price $29.95
On Sale! $14.35
Games World of Puzzles is loaded with all kinds of puzzles by top constructors as well as fascinating articles, game reviews, upcoming events, a contest in every issue, and much more. It’s the perfect magazine for all puzzle fans and gamers!
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Good Time Crosswords
Good Time Crosswords Magazine
Your Price $29.97
On Sale! $16.50
Dozens of crosswords from easy to hard, including variety crosswords and Movies & Television puzzles.
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Good Time Variety Puzzles
Good Time Variety Puzzles Magazine
Your Price $31.97
On Sale! $18.99
Bigger than ever! Now get more relaxing variety puzzles
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Iowa Chess News En Passant
Iowa Chess News En Passant Magazine
Your Price $25.00
Chronicles the chess activity in the state of Iowa. It includes items such as tournament reports, anecdotes, historical articles, instruction, interviews etc.
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Original Logic Problems
Original Logic Problems Magazine
Your Price $23.97
On Sale! $18.97
Keep your mind sharp with stimulating logic problems that will exercise your brain muscles
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Penny's Famous Fill-In Puzzles
Penny's Famous Fill-In Puzzles Magazine
Your Price $18.97
This jumbo Fill-In is packed with puzzles ranging from easy to hard, including number fill-ins, License Plates puzzles, and 2-page puzzles. Digest size, 160 pages.
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Penny's Favorite Fill-In
Penny's Favorite Fill-In Magazine
Your Price $18.97
Each issue is packed with the most popular variety Fill-Ins created by Penny Press, ranging from easy to hard. Perfect for the Fill-In solver who wants more solving variety. Digest size, 162 pages.
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Penny's Finest Good Time Word Seeks
Penny's Finest Good Time Word Seeks Magazine
Your Price $18.95
On Sale! $16.95
Get both standard Word Seeks and challenging Variety Word Seeks in one magazine.
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Totally Easy Sudoku
Totally Easy Sudoku Magazine
Your Price $14.97
On Sale! $11.47
Enjoy 184 easy and medium puzzles. Perfect for the whole family you will have hours of fun with 10 easy puzzles that are a perfect introduction to Sudoku with a smaller 6 x 6 grid; 56 simple Sudoku puzzles at the standard grid size; and 118 medium-le...
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