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The Week Junior
The Week Junior Magazine
Your Price $119.00
On Sale! $99.00
The Week Junior is the most exciting new magazine for kids to launch in years. Already a hit in the UK, it is brought to you by the publisher of The Week, America's most trusted news weekly. The Week Junior's content is safe, informative, and enterta...
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OYLA Magazine
OYLA Magazine Magazine
Your Price $84.00
On Sale! $76.00
OYLA is an ad-free, popular science magazine for young readers 12 and up, as well as their families. Every issue offers a look into world-changing discoveries, unsolved problems, and the surprising scientific principles behind everyday objects. OYLA ...
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Jewish World of Wonders Kids Magazine
Jewish World of Wonders Kids Magazine Magazine
Your Price $66.99
Jewish World of Wonders Kids Magazine has fun and creative content that focuses on the beauty and wonders of Hashem’s creations in the universe.
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Anorak Magazine (UK)
Anorak Magazine (UK) Magazine
Your Price $60.00
The Happy Mag for Kids is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old. Please note that we welcome kids of any age to enjoy our magazine but to really fully enjoy it, they need to be proficient readers. You will find in every edition fun ...
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Highlights High Five Billingue
Highlights High Five Billingue Magazine
Your Price $39.99
Highlights High Five Bilingue is the perfect magazine for young children ages 2-6 who are learning English and Spanish.
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Highlights Hello
Highlights Hello Magazine
Your Price $39.99
Hello magazine for babies and toddlers delivers colorful images, age-appropriate stories and fun activities parent and child can enjoy together. Mailed cleanly wrapped and made of a safe, durable material with rounded corners and no staples, each 16-...
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Highlights for Children
Highlights for Children Magazine
Your Price $39.99
Highlights magazine brings kids a year's worth of Fun with a Purpose, our special combination of learning and entertainment they can't find anywhere else! The experts at Highlights know how to keep kids motivated with fun while they are learning and ...
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Highlights High Five
Highlights High Five Magazine
Your Price $39.99
Highlights High Five helps you encourage your child’s development and gives you an ideal opportunity for one-on-one fun together. Each monthly issue brings 40 pages of read-along stories and poems, simple crafts and recipes, learning games, puzzles ...
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Chess Life Kids
Chess Life Kids Magazine
Your Price $37.00
Chess Life Kids is the official publication of the United States Chess Federation (US Chess) for age 12 and under. A subscription to this leading chess magazine is one of the benefits of Scholastic membership in US Chess. Chess Life Kids is a bi-mont...
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Little Sparkles Kids - Digital
Little Sparkles Kids - Digital Magazine
Your Price $42.99
On Sale! $36.99
Little Sparkles Digital's innovative package of stories, puzzles, and activities is designed for 3- to 6-year-olds to enjoy their own and with their parents, grandparents, and loved ones. Made for little hands and growing minds, the colourful pages, ...
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Sparkle Buds - Digital
Sparkle Buds - Digital Magazine
Your Price $42.99
On Sale! $36.99
Sparkle Buds Digital is a monthly kids magazine covering various activities, coloring, puzzles, games & fun education. A magazine created by the kids for the kids.
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Fun for Kidz
Fun for Kidz Magazine
Your Price $43.00
On Sale! $35.95
For boys and girls ages 6-14, Fun for Kidz offers fun-filled activities to entertain and educate.
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ChickaDEE Magazine
Your Price $35.00
A discovery magazine for kids 6 to 9, chickaDEE is jam-packed full of interactive games, hands-on science experiments, amazing photos, illustrations and stories - all designed to educate and entertain. Kids and parents love the bright, colorful pages...
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Owl Magazine
Your Price $35.00
Challenges kids 9-13 with articles on science, technology & the natural world.
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Click Magazine
Your Price $33.95
This educational, skill-building publication, for ages 3 to 7, is colorful and easy to read, making science accessible to even young children, and uses games and news on current trends to make learning fun.
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Ask Magazine
Your Price $33.95
ASK is a magazine for 7- to 10-year-olds---the most curious humans on the planet!
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Cricket Magazine
Your Price $33.95
CRICKET publishes only the highest quality fiction and classic literature and nonfiction stories on culture, history, science, and the arts. For kids 9-14.
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Ladybug Magazine
Your Price $33.95
Help your children aged two to six discover the delights of reading. Ladybug helps trigger that good habit at an early age, enticing children with its beautiful, colorful and very readable stories.
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Faces Magazine
Your Price $33.95
Your world, your voice, your FACES. FACES takes young readers around the world and back to get an honest and unbiased view of how children in other countries and world regions live.
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Cobblestone Magazine
Your Price $33.95
COBBLESTONE is packed with lively and compelling articles and sidebars. Historic photographs, original illustrations, primary documents, maps, activities, and contests complement the text and appeal to young readers. ...
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Spider Magazine
Your Price $33.95
Children aged six to nine love this magazine and its wonderful coverage of science, history, biography, sports, travel and technology, not to mention the smile-inducing puzzles, games and brain-teasers packed into each issue.
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Babybug Magazine
Your Price $33.95
Babybug helps kickstart your infants or toddlers lifelong love of books. The colorful publication, which contains simple rhymes and fanciful stories is designed for your six-month-old to two-year-old baby.
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Muse Magazine
Your Price $33.95
It's almost like hiring a private inspirational guide for your curious child. Muse, a publication of non-fiction for youngsters aged nine to 14, is designed to inspire and stimulate kids. This magazine offers articles about such varied subjects as sp...
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Beanz Magazine
Your Price $32.99
Beanz magazine is about kids, coding, computer science, & how we use technology in our daily lives. We're small community of teachers, technologists, & writers who love the challenge of exploring technology in ways kids understand.
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Mailbox Preschool - Digital
Mailbox Preschool - Digital Magazine
Your Price $32.95
The Mailbox Preschool Edition Magazine is the teacher's magazine that is full of fun and engaging activities for instructing young minds. Each issue provides learning opportunities for preschoolers using songs, poetry, games, stories, puppet plays, c...
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Mailbox Kindergarten - Digital
Mailbox Kindergarten - Digital Magazine
Your Price $32.95
The Idea Magazine For Teachers. This issue contains educational material about Books About The Moon And Night, Math Masquerade/Numeration, Scarecrows and Skeletons.
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Mailbox Intermediate - Digital
Mailbox Intermediate - Digital Magazine
Your Price $32.95
Contains information of assistance to teachers of students from the fourth through sixth grades.
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Mailbox Grade 1 - Digital
Mailbox Grade 1 - Digital Magazine
Your Price $32.95
Mailbox Grade 1 is designed specifically for First Grade teachers to be used as a source for educational activities and ideas. Each issue contains ideas for literature-based teaching, seasonal activities, and bulletin board ideas.
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DOT en Espanol (UK)
DOT en Espanol (UK) Magazine
Your Price $42.00
On Sale! $32.00
DOT en español, igual que en su versión inglesa, aborda aspectos universales de la vida de un niño. Desde saltar en charcos hasta aprender jugando. DOT cruza fronteras culturales y de género, aprovechando la imaginación de los niños, animándoles a ex...
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DOT Magazine (UK)
DOT Magazine (UK) Magazine
Your Price $40.00
On Sale! $32.00
DOT Magazine is a new quarterly print magazine aimed at boys & girls aged 5 and under. DOT is ad-free and encompasses all aspects of a child’s life, from jumping in puddles to learning through play. It encourages kids to be resourceful and find solut...
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WORLDkids Magazine
Your Price $35.88
On Sale! $29.99
WORLDkids is a unique Christian current events program for children ages 7-10. Story by story, children learn to read news accounts and other information critically, to sift for the truth, and to relate knowledge and biblical wisdom to daily life. WO...
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School Arts
School Arts Magazine
Your Price $24.95
Written by art educators for art educators! SchoolArts is a national art education magazine committed to promoting excellence, advocacy, and professional support for educators in the visual arts. Replete with ready-to-use lessons and contemporary app...
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Chirp Magazine
Your Price $35.00
On Sale! $24.75
Especially for preschoolers and beginning readers, Chirp uses simple text, engaging artwork, and age appropriate games, puzzles and crafts to delight parents and children alike. ...
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God’s Big WORLD
God’s Big WORLD Magazine
Your Price $23.88
God’s Big WORLD is the one-of-a-kind current events program for beginning readers. God’s Big WORLD is designed, written, and illustrated to satisfy a young child's God-given thirst for knowledge, and to do so in meaningful, and developmentally-approp...
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Happy Times
Happy Times Magazine
Your Price $20.99
Faith. Family. Fun! Bursting with tell-me-more-about-Jesus moments for preschoolers (ages 3-5) and parents, Happy Times provides stories, hands-on crafts, songs, and kid-friendly recipes for faith-filled family fun. Children love getting mail, so sen...
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Make: (Technology on Your Time) - Digital
Make: (Technology on Your Time) - Digital Magazine
Your Price $19.99
As the leading voice of the maker movement, Make: publishes projects, skill-building tutorials, in-depth reviews and inspirational stories, accessible by all ages and skill ranges. Each issue includes dozens of projects that you can do covering Robot...
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Animal Tales
Animal Tales Magazine
Your Price $19.97
The only children’s magazine of its kind to focus entirely on animals, Animal Tales engages young readers with heartwarming animal stories and articles that educate. Animal Tales encourages animal-loving fans to interact with the issue by allowing re...
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Girls World
Girls World Magazine
Your Price $19.97
A introductory celebrity lifestyle magazine aimed at the ’tween market of girls aged 6 to 11 years old.
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Girls Life
Girls Life Magazine
Your Price $19.95
The perfect magazine for girls 10 and up. Friends, advice, quizzes, fashion, ideas, celebs, self-esteem. Five-time Parents Choice Award winner!
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My Devotions
My Devotions Magazine
Your Price $18.00
Real life. Real stories. Real faith. In these relatable, can’t-put-down quarterly devotionals, kids ages 8 to 12 know that God is there for them every minute of every day. Builds a daily habit of Bible reading, great for personal, family, or classroo...
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Jack & Jill
Jack & Jill Magazine
Your Price $23.94
On Sale! $15.94
Award-winning Jack and Jill (ages 7-12) keeps kids entertained with engaging stories, challenging games, colorful comics, kid-centered interviews, recipes and crafts. Readers are also encouraged to share their creativity by submitting their own stori...
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Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty Magazine
Your Price $29.94
On Sale! $15.84
Emphasizes good health, nutrition and safety, plus stories. Science articles, crafts, games , poetry, humor and more to stimulate young minds and imaginations. Ages 2-6.
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BAZOOF! - Digital
BAZOOF! - Digital Magazine
Your Price $15.96
On Sale! $12.96
Blast off to the bustling metropolis of BAZOOF!, a space city on Planet GLAK! An award-winning health and creativity niche publication that specializes in publishing youth work. Along with much fun and adventure, educates readers on nutrition, person...
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Story Monsters Ink - Digital
Story Monsters Ink - Digital Magazine
Your Price $9.99
The Literary Resource for Teachers, Librarians, and Parents. Story Monsters Ink is an award-winning magazine that offers the latest news on children's books and products, celebrity and independent author profiles, book reviews, activities, reading gu...
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