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Reason Magazine
Your Price $14.97
On Sale! $7.25
Reason is the monthly print magazine of “free minds and free markets.” It covers politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, analysis, commentary, and reviews. Reason provides a refreshing alternative to right-wing and left-wing...
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Humor Times - Digital
Humor Times - Digital Magazine
Your Price $10.95
The Humor Times monthly magazine is the perfect cure for an unfunny world. Indulge yourself with laughter – widely known as the best medicine for anything that’s getting you down! We feature the best political cartoons by the world’s finest editorial...
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Harper's Magazine
Harper's Magazine Magazine
Your Price $25.00
On Sale! $11.97
An award-winning journal of opinion and thought, edited to speak to readers looking for perspectives not generally found in mainstream media.
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In These Times
In These Times Magazine
Your Price $24.95
On Sale! $14.97
A national, monthly magazine, founded in 1977, that provides groundbreaking coverage of the labor movement, environment, feminism, grass roots politics, minority communities, human rights, and the media.
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Old News
Old News Magazine
Your Price $18.00
Old News is published six times a year by Susquehanna Times & Magazine, Inc. Each issue is 11"x 17" (tabloid) size, 12 pages long and contains 4-6 articles on historical topics ranging in time from the fifth century the 1940s.
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Time Magazine
Your Price $19.95
TIME is an award-winning American news magazine that reports on politics, health, business, technology, science, entertainment, and world news. Founded in 1923, TIME is a leader in the publishing industry and has been a trusted news publication since...
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Bavual Magazine
Your Price $20.00
Taking its name from the Swahili word for powerful, BAVUAL documents the African experience from the beginning of recorded history to the present. Each issue features essays, historical profiles, and interviews which tell the story of 680 centuries o...
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Washington Monthly
Washington Monthly Magazine
Your Price $24.95
On Sale! $21.95
At this moment of vicious – even violent – political division, bold progressive ideas to preserve American democracy are more important than ever. That’s why you can’t afford to miss a single issue of the Washington Monthly. Subscribe now and save up...
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Mother Jones
Mother Jones Magazine
Your Price $24.00
Award winning investigative reporting on topics such as science, health, fiction, arts, and world events.
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National Affairs
National Affairs Magazine
Your Price $24.99
National Affairs is a quarterly journal of essays about domestic policy, political economy, society, culture, and political thought. It aims to help Americans think a little more clearly about our public life, and rise a little more ably to the chall...
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Diverse: Issues In Higher Education
Diverse: Issues In Higher Education Magazine
Your Price $25.00
Keep abreast on issues relating to access and equity for all in higher education. For over 25 years, Diverse remains the preeminent source of timely national news, insightful research and special reports, provocative commentary and interviews on a r...
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Current World Archaeology
Current World Archaeology Magazine
Your Price $32.95
On Sale! $26.95
Current World Archaeology is a magazine devoted to archaeology that covers the world from the first emergence of man down to yesterday. The magazine focuses particularly on Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Near East, and Greece and Rome, although the whole...
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American in WWII
American in WWII Magazine
Your Price $27.95
American in WWII is your connection to the men and women of 1940s America and the war that defined their lives. Every issue puts you side by side with GIs overseas and with hardworking folks on the home front. Hear their frank eyewitness stories—and ...
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American Scholar
American Scholar Magazine
Your Price $29.00
On Sale! $28.00
The American Scholar is a quarterly magazine dedicated to current events, politics, history, science, culture and the arts.
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American History
American History Magazine
Your Price $39.00
On Sale! $29.00
Expertly researched articles, galleries of period photos and full-color reproductions of paintings, posters, banners, flags, and artifacts can all be found in the pages of American History. The magazine also offers book news, reviews, history updates...
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WWII History
WWII History Magazine
Your Price $29.95
WWII History Magazine is the completely original, exquisitely produced coffee table magazine that’s worthy of being named after the most important war in all of history. No matter how long you’ve been fascinated by the Second World War, and no matter...
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Humor Times
Humor Times Magazine
Your Price $29.95
The Humor Times monthly magazine is the perfect cure for an unfunny world. Indulge yourself with laughter – widely known as the best medicine for anything that’s getting you down! We feature the best political cartoons by the world’s finest editorial...
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Humor Times - Print + Digital
Humor Times - Print + Digital Magazine
Your Price $29.95
The Humor Times monthly magazine is the perfect cure for an unfunny world. Indulge yourself with laughter – widely known as the best medicine for anything that’s getting you down! We feature the best political cartoons by the world’s finest editorial...
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The Nation
The Nation Magazine
Your Price $29.99
The Nation is America's oldest weekly magazine, the flagship of the left and the most widely read journal of opinion. The Nation enlightens and empowers concerned citizens and influential readers on the national debate of current critical issues. ...
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Vietnam Magazine
Your Price $40.00
On Sale! $30.00
Vietnam is the only magazine exclusively devoted to the Vietnam conflict. Each issue provides in-depth and authoritative coverage and analysis of the many complexities that made the war in Vietnam unique including the people, battles, strategies and ...
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America's Civil War
America's Civil War Magazine
Your Price $40.00
On Sale! $30.00
America's Civil War delivers information about the Civil War's most famous leaders and battles. Each issue features historic photographs, front-line drawings, battle maps, and eye-witness accounts. Readers will also find details about the strategy, t...
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Civil War Times
Civil War Times Magazine
Your Price $40.00
On Sale! $30.00
Civil War Times Illustrated takes readers inside the strategies, tactics, skirmishes, and twists of fate that changed the course of events during the war. Articles cover the battles, the politics, and the key figures involved in American's Civil War....
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Military History
Military History Magazine
Your Price $40.00
On Sale! $30.00
Military History captures the drama of classic land, sea, and air battles throughout history. This bimonthly magazine explores the tactics, weapons, fighting forces, victories, and defeats of history's most intriguing battles. It captures the very es...
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World War II
World War II Magazine
Your Price $40.00
On Sale! $30.00
Lasting years and spanning continents and oceans, World War II is an event that will not soon be forgotten, and will continue to be studied, thanks, in part to this quality, in-depth publication and its contributors and readers. Featuring articles ...
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American Scientist
American Scientist Magazine
Your Price $32.00
American Scientist is an award-winning, illustrated bimonthly publication about science, engineering, and technology. Each issue is filled with feature articles written by prominent scientists and engineers who review important work in fields ranging...
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The Progressive
The Progressive Magazine
Your Price $50.00
On Sale! $36.00
The mission of The Progressive is to be a journalistic voice for peace and social justice at home and abroad. The magazine, its affiliates, and its staff steadfastly oppose militarism, the concentration of power in corporate hands, the disenfranchise...
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BBC Science Focus
BBC Science Focus Magazine
Your Price $39.99
With accessible features illustrated with the world’s best photography, BBC Focus Magazine explains the theory behind scientific phenomena and really brings science to life. In every issue you’ll find news of the latest major scientific developments,...
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New Republic
New Republic Magazine
Your Price $79.99
On Sale! $39.99
Tailored for smart, curious, socially aware readers, The New Republic covers politics, culture and big ideas from an unbiased and thought-provoking perspective. Well-known for its century-old tradition of providing context and analysis beyond the dai...
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True West
True West Magazine
Your Price $49.95
On Sale! $41.95
For more than 65 years, True West has been bringing the stories from the historic American West to readers around the globe. From the gunfighters to the lawmen, True West tells it like it is, no holds barred. Whether it’s Wyatt Earp and the cow-boys ...
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American Prospect
American Prospect  Magazine
Your Price $60.00
On Sale! $42.00
The American Prospect is a magazine of issues and ideas, news and views summed up as 'liberal intelligence'. The American Prospect aims to advance liberal and progressive goals through reporting, analysis, and debate about today’s realities and tomor...
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Sea Classics
Sea Classics Magazine
Your Price $56.95
On Sale! $48.95
From stately ocean liners to deadly torpedo boats. Features the men, the ships and the events that have made history on the seven seas.
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The Sun
The Sun Magazine
Your Price $50.00
The Sun explores the connections between the personal and the political, illuminates our common ground, and honors the human spirit. In each issue of The Sun you’ll find some of the most radically intimate and socially conscious writing being publish...
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MHQ Military History Quarterly
MHQ Military History Quarterly Magazine
Your Price $51.96
This is an award-winning, exquisitely illustrated journal that takes readers on an exciting journey through world history from a military perspective- from the origins of armed conflict up to the present day. Distinguished authors bring the world of ...
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The Mountain Astrologer - Print + Digital
The Mountain Astrologer - Print + Digital Magazine
Your Price $53.00
The Mountain Astrologer is the World’s Most Recognized Astrology Journal, a wyrd community of dedicated readers around the globe. Timely, detailed features by both renowned and new astrology writers; a complete forecast calendar, with lunations and e...
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New American
New American Magazine
Your Price $54.00
The New American provides a fresh perspective based on traditional values and principles covering topics including politics, money, foreign policy, environment, culture, and technology.
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Commentary Magazine
Your Price $55.00
Commentary is America’s premier monthly magazine of opinion and a pivotal voice in American intellectual life. Since its inception in 1945, and increasingly after it emerged as the flagship of neoconservatism in the 1970’s, the magazine has been cons...
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National Review
National Review Magazine
Your Price $69.00
On Sale! $59.00
National Review is a news and politics magazine that offers conservative news, commentary and opinion about current events in our world. National Review is still going strong since its introduction by William F. Buckley, Jr. -- an American conservati...
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Washington Examiner
Washington Examiner Magazine
Your Price $100.00
On Sale! $59.99
The Washington Examiner brings the best in breaking news and analysis on politics. The Washington Examiner covers in-depth news coverage, diligent investigative reporting and thoughtful commentary, making sure you're always in the know about Washingt...
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Foreign Affairs - Print + Digital
Foreign Affairs - Print + Digital Magazine
Your Price $60.00
Foreign Affairs is the leading magazine for analysis and debate of foreign policy, economics and global affairs. Print & digital subscribers have premium access to online articles and archives. Includes breaking news & reports, economic insights, new...
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Lapham's Quarterly
Lapham's Quarterly Magazine
Your Price $65.00
On Sale! $62.00
Lapham's Quarterly embodies the belief that history is the root of all education, scientific and literary as well as political and economic. Each issue addresses a topic of current interest and concern—War, Religion, Money, Medicine, Nature, Crime—by...
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News for You
News for You Magazine
Your Price $64.00
News for You helps to build reading, vocabulary, and English language skills in the context of current events and high-interest news stories.
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Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Magazine
Your Price $64.99
The Bulletin covers nuclear issues, climate change and disruptive technologies. We are also the nonprofit behind the iconic Doomsday Clock, which has been called 'the most powerful piece of information design of the 20th century'. The Bulletin has fe...
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Jewish Press
Jewish Press Magazine
Your Price $65.00
The Jewish Press is the largest independent weekly Jewish newspaper in the United States. The paper, founded by Rabbi Sholom Klass (1916-2000) and Mr. Raphael Schreiber (1885-1980), debuted as a national weekly in January 1960 and quickly won a follo...
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North & South
North & South Magazine
Your Price $72.00
North & South is dedicated to the proposition that popular history need be neither trivial nor inaccurate. Each issue of North & South is packed with ground-breaking historical analysis and commentary. In addition to the articles plus the regular fea...
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BBC History
BBC History Magazine
Your Price $74.95
BBC History Magazine aims to shed new light on the past to help you make more sense of the world today. Fascinating stories from contributors are the leading experts in their fields, so whether they're exploring Ancient Egypt, Tudor England or the Se...
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Military Vehicles Archive (UK)
Military Vehicles Archive (UK) Magazine
Your Price $76.99
The Military Trucks Archive series explores a range of military vehicles in a lively magazine format that will appeal to both enthusiasts and historians. Authoritatively written and comprehensively illustrated, each title in the series runs to 100 pa...
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On the Buses Bookazine (UK)
On the Buses Bookazine (UK) Magazine
Your Price $79.99
On the Buses is a series of quarterly bookazine produced by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and take a snapshot back into a time when the world was a very different place. Titles in the On the Buses series alternate between the ‘colour files’ and the mai...
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Washington Times National Weekly Edition
Washington Times National Weekly Edition Magazine
Your Price $99.95
On Sale! $95.95
The NATIONAL WEEKLY EDITION is the Best of The Washington Times, compiled at the end of every week and rushed to people hungry for the real news their other news sources don't provide.
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Defense News
Defense News Magazine
Your Price $199.00
On Sale! $99.00
Concise package of info, targeted at key decision-makers, but readable by the general populace.
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Newsweek Magazine
Your Price $99.00
This weekly news magazine reports on each week s developments on the national and global news front through news, commentary and analysis. Its features include national and international affairs, business, lifestyle, society, the arts, politics, the ...
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Crain's Cleveland Business
Crain's Cleveland Business Magazine
Your Price $110.00
For 40 years, Crain’s Cleveland Business has been the trusted source for business news and information for Northeast Ohio’s top executives and business owners.
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The Week
The Week Magazine
Your Price $199.00
On Sale! $119.00
The Week is a spirited newsweekly that distills the best of news, opinions, and ideas from the U.S. and international media.
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History Today (UK)
History Today (UK) Magazine
Your Price $125.00
On Sale! $120.00
History Today is the world’s leading serious history magazine. We publish the world's leading scholars, on all periods, regions and themes of history. Every contribution is carefully edited and illustrated to make the magazine a pleasurable, as well ...
More Details
All About History (UK)
All About History (UK) Magazine
Your Price $150.00
All About History is the perfect magazine for anyone who loves a blast to the past. One issue, you may be exploring a 17th-century café, the next, a feudal Japanese castle and you can even become acquainted with the workers and warriors who lived ins...
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All About Space (UK)
All About Space (UK) Magazine
Your Price $150.00
Whether it's analysis on the existence of a multiverse or the latest findings from missions to worlds in the Solar System and beyond, All About Space brings brand new findings to life through stunning imagery and expert opinion. What's more, all of o...
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Crain's New York Business
Crain's New York Business Magazine
Your Price $159.00
Crain's New York Business provides you news, information and connections on all facets of New York through the prism of business. Crain's is a weekly newspaper focusing on New York-area business news for upper-level executives and entrepreneurs.
More Details
The Week - Print + Digital
The Week - Print + Digital Magazine
Your Price $199.00
On Sale! $179.00
The Week is a spirited newsweekly that distills the best of news, opinions, and ideas from the U.S. and international media.
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Crain's Chicago Business
Crain's Chicago Business Magazine
Your Price $189.00
Read the latest business news and analytics including healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, government, sports and more from Crain's Chicago Business.
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Foreign Policy - Print + Digital
Foreign Policy - Print + Digital Magazine
Your Price $219.99
On Sale! $209.99
Foreign Policy is the award-winning magazine of global politics, economics and ideas. Always thought-provoking, often surprising, FP includes articles, essays, arguments and interviews from the most forward-thinking journalists in the world.
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